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We are Downtown LA's first design oriented audio showroom and social listening space for those who love music

--- We are HiFi ---

1451 E. 4th Street, Suite 106, Los Angeles, CA 90033

213.277.4434 ---

--- You are HiFi ---

Showroom Hours: Tue - Sat, 10AM - 6PM

Proud purveyors of:

Marten, NAGRA, DeVore Fidelity, E.A.R., Harbeth, NAD, Graham Audio, DALI, Totem Acoustics, REL, JL Audio, Kuzma, REGA, E.A.T., Arcam, Dr. Feickert, Quadraspire, Parasound, Bluesound, Okki Nokki, Shunyata Research, Kirmuss Audio, Kimber Kable, Soundsmith, Technics, Hana, Koetsu, Musical Surroundings, Sound Anchors, Box Furniture Co, Symbol Audio, Common Wave Custom, and a variety of other fine brands...

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